Welcome to Pierre Chastain Family Association!

If you're researching a Chastain, or an ancestor with a similarly spelled surname, this is be the place for you. Most Chastain lineage research generates a direct or indirect relationship to the French Huguenot immigrant, Pierre Chastain (1659-1728). Pierre's descendants, as with most American families of this era, migrated westward from his original home in Virginia, to the Appalachian Mountains and beyond.

Later generations came to use varied spellings of the family name. Common variations of Chastain include Chastaine, Chasteen, Chastine, Chesteen, Shasteen, Shastine, and Shastid. The spelling was also found as Chasten and Castain on many early legal documents.

The Pierre Chastain Family Association was formed in 1975 after Mr. Elby F. Bowan sent invitations to research associates to attend a conference in their shared interests and for the coordination of these efforts into a society or association.