Pierre Chastain Sword

Some Chastains are well known. Here is a list of some of the most prominent Chastains of the past and present.

Brandi Chastain (sports) 1968-
David T. Chastain (music)
Ed Chasteen (activist and bicyclist) 1935-
Elijah Webb Chastain (politics) 1813-1874
James Garvin Chastain (missionary) 1853-1954
Jane Chastain (political columnist) 1943-
John Chastain (pioneer preacher) c 1743-1805
Madye Lee Chastain (children's author) 1908-1989
Misery Chastain (fictional character) 1987
Pierre Chastain (immigrant; patriarch) c 1663-1728
Rene Chastain (pioneer preacher) 1741-1823
Ronald Chastain (military)
Sandra Chastain (romance writer) 1936-
Thomas Chastain (mystery writer) 1921-1994
Troy Chastain (community service) 1883-1945


Sketch of Dr. Pierre Chastain's sword by Michael Jones

Sketch of Dr. Pierre Chastain's sword by Michael Jones, Virginia

The sword of Pierre Chastain was passed down to Pierre's oldest son Jean Adam Chastain.

Jean Adam, in turn, gave the sword to his son, John Chastain, Jr. The sword made the move with John, Jr. and his family from Cumberland County to Bedford County, Virginia in about 1777.

John Jr.'s daughter, Edith, married Zachariah Wheat, a large land owner of Bedford County in the Blue Ridge Mountians. Edith died prior to Zachariah but he willed the sword to their son, Hazeal Wheat, who also inherited the farm.

Hazeal's son, Ortho W. Wheat, next owned the sword and he passed it on to his son, Hugh Wheat.

Hugh Wheat did not have children but prior to his death he gave the sword to his niece, Ann Arsell Wheat, now Mrs. Dallas W. Hunter, who is the present owner of Pierre's sword.

Mrs. Hunter had the sword examined by the Curator of Military Weapons at The Smithsonian Institute. The arms expert certified that the weapon had been made prior to 1700, that the handle was original but the original blade had been replaced with one a little wider.

Mrs. Hunter told her children that she would pass the sword to the first of her grandchildren who was given the name Chastain. Thus, Mrs. Hunter's grandson, Andrew Chastain Hunter, will inherit this most prized family possession, the personal sword of his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Pierre Chastain!

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